Sway Bar Load Cell Assembly

Knowledge is Speed

Take the guess work out of counting rounds of sway bar preload by knowing exactly what the load is. Our new sway bar load rater lets you check your board rate with a load cell that mounts in place of the shock.

This tool allows you to experiment with different diameter sway bar while maintaining a specific load.

You can also use this tool to capture ride height shock loads at a specific center to center.


** Note Steel swedged tube is not included.

Swaged Tube Length               Part#                        Range of Center to Center Lengths

8″                                                    SPP009-408                        15 1/4  to  16 1/4

9″                                                    SPP009-409                         16 1/4  to  17 1/4

10″                                                  SPP009-410                          17 1/4  to  18 1/4

11″                                                   SPP009-411                          18 1/4  to 19 1/4

12″                                                   SPP009-412                         19 1/4  to  20 1/4

13″                                                   SPP009-413                          20 1/4  to 21 1/4

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Steel Swedged Tubes

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